Bingo- From the streets of Italy to London


Its been more than a decade that online bingo was launched and since then the game has made a lot of changes. From a land based played game to the huge crowd of online segment. Nevertheless, have you ever tried to encounter the history of London with virtual bingo? If you still haven’t than here is your answer- In reality London is known as the nirvana of this game of chance. Be it played virtually, or played in an land based hall, people of London thoroughly enjoy this game to the fullest.

The city of London is has huge number of bingo pubs or halls, they also hundreds of online bingo sites. This game has progressed a lot since its inception during 1500’s. Now it is like a more of tech savvy game than being silver haired stereotype like it used to be. You can millions of people participate in this game across London and other countries. There are various bingo events are organised almost every night in this city of literature, fun and history which includes Musical bingo, Rebel Bingo to name a few.


Rebel bingo- For those who like loud music, party, try exploring new things then this one is like a shot of caffeine directly gushed in to your throat. This was introduced by a group of friends few years ago. This game could be intense, emotional and it could change your life too.

Musical bingo- This one is similar to the regular bingo, but a caller instead of shouting called out numbers they play songs. The players eagerly wait for this game and the songs can be based on either a decade, particular theme or topic or any genre.


Apart from all this there is so much for the players to explore in the world of virtual bingo. When we speak about online bingo the one site which comes to my mind is GameVillage Bingo. This village themed site is unique not this in looks, but a lot has exclusive promotions and games which you can’t find anywhere else.

Signing up to GameVillage is a doddle. Players can become a villager in 2 simple steps which includes-filling out the personal details, contact etc. Once your registered, players get a warm welcoming bonus.The minimum deposit required is just £5 over here and player get an free bingo bonus of £20 is added by the site automatically. Plus they also have a free spin of the wheel with a guaranteed win for all including bingo bonuses, free tickets, real cash or free bets.

For more info about this unique bingo site click here and have fun for sure. Play, win real cash prize and plan your next vacation to London.

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