Croatia’s Top Five Hidden Gems

Croatia is now one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, but you don’t have to look back too far to a time when only the most intrepid of travellers were game to explore this fascinating country. These days, it seems like everyone has paid the country a visit, and during the height of summer, it’s standing room only. So where do you find Croatia’s hidden gems? Read on to discover five of the very best!



It might seem ridiculous including Croatia’s capital on the list, but with summer hotspots like Dubrovnik, Split and Hvar taking up most of the tourist allocation, it’s easy to overlook this culturally rich and vibrant city – not that you should!

From the historic upper town to the trendy shops, restaurants, cafés and parks of the lower town, Zagreb is a treat for the senses, and guaranteed to entice even the fussiest of travellers.

Plitvice Lakes

Located in one of the oldest national parks in southeast Europe, this UNESCO World Heritage listed destination is gradually appearing on more and more travel bucket lists; however, for many unfamiliar with Croatia, it is still one of the country’s best-kept secrets.

Comprised of 16 magnificent turquoise lakes, and surrounded by lush vegetation, Plitvice Lakes provides the perfect mix of relaxation and exploration – it is a water wonderland that must be seen to be believed.



A trip to Croatia wouldn’t be complete without a tour of a walled medieval city, and while there are many to pick from, it’s hard to go past Trogir, a hidden gem located on the Adriatic Coast, close to Split.

Boasting architecture from the Romanesque and Renaissance periods, history buffs will be in their element during tours of this World Heritage listed site, and the stunning scenery provides the perfect backdrop for any day trip or extended stay.


It’s easy to overindulge on holiday, particularly when savouring the culinary delights of Croatia (as well as the superb wine), so a spot of exercise might be worth considering. Don’t worry. No one’s here to play party pooper. At the island of Mljet, it’s a pleasure exploring the island on bike, kayak or on foot – and you should definitely make time for a swim!

Vela Luka

Speaking of delicious wine, the major fishing town of Vela Luka, on the western side of Korcula, is a great place to source the finest local reds and whites. Also known for its tasty seafood and superb olive oil, Vela Luke is foodie heaven, and should be high on your list of places to visit in Croatia.

The five destinations mentioned above might be Croatia’s top 5 hidden gems at the moment, but they won’t be for long! Pack your bags, grab the guidebook and buy those tickets today! For a convenient, fun-filled journey that takes in the best of Croatia, guided tours from operators such as Gypsian Boutique Tours provide a fantastic travel option.

Whatever mode of travel you decide to take, one thing’s for sure: you’ll never forget the sights, smells and sounds of your holiday in Croatia.

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