Places You Should Explore in England

England goes way beyond London and its famous attractions. England can be deliciously traditional and hauntingly beautiful. If you are willing to uncover the veil and go travel past London, you will discover a country that is indeed worthy of an entire library filled with pictures of its nearly magic spots.

Which are the places you should absolutely explore in England? Read on and find out more.


The Northeast. If there was an “opposite” of London and everything it stands for and if you had to located it in England, that would be the Northeast area. Remote and almost painfully beautiful, the Northeast is the kind of spot where you would imagine the moviemakers to shoot some really grim scene and it is also the kind of spot filled with mystery and grace at the same time. Allow yourself to immerse in the haunting landscape here and you will definitely want to come back again.

The East Midlands. If you want to explore the kind of place the Jane Austen books would be set in and if you want to explore the kind of place that feels somewhere at the cross-roads between “old and graceful” and “powerfully industrialized”, the East Midlands are what you are searching for. Places such as Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire do have their share of beauties and exploring them will definitely feel absolutely blissful and rewarding.

The Western Extremities. If you go far West into England, you will discover two counties that have managed to successfully blend in the elegance of the cozy, typically-English villages to the splendor of those marvelous spots that proudly face the Atlantic. A truly magnificent area to visit indeed! Aside from the natural attractions in the area, a long list of amazing restaurants and interesting galleries and museums will make your stay here really great from all points of views – which is actually one of the reasons the area has become so popular throughout the past few years.

Yorkshire. If you travel up North, you will encounter people who genuinely believe that “North” is the best place on Earth – despite what the general stereotype may say about the places where these people have been born into. Yorkshire does feel completely different than the “South” and from multiple points of view. The landscapes here are very much different, the food is different, the dialect is different and even the beer tastes different too! Come here for the kind of English culture that very frequently gets unnoticed by tourists. Come here for genuine cuisine and for the warmest people you have ever met. And come here to shoot some really spectacular pictures because the “backdrop” will really help.

Every area in England has its own special share of attractions to offer. All it takes is a bit of “adventurous” spirit and the willingness to discover the jewels behind the “crown”, in the end. Do not be afraid to explore England beyond London – and trust us when we say that you will be repaid for your attempt!

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