Top 5 Destinations in UK for Older Travellers

I love going on holidays and sometimes I make sure to take my parents with me. Although I must consider the places I take them since they are already at that age wherein they cannot be as active or as energetic as I am. So I have made some research and found out that the Stair lift manufacturer Acorn Stairlifts has suggested the top 5 destinations perfect for Older Travellers in the UK:

The Cotswold

The Cotswold can be found in the South West of England, and it is the birthplace of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  The area is well-known for its quaint villages, thatch-roof cottages and many enchanting stately homes and castles, sitting amongst the villages.

Many famous Manors and Castles are found in the area just like the Sudeley Castle which was famously owned by Henry VIII’s last wife Katherine Parr and it is also where the late Queen of England is now buried. Speaking of famous Manor, you can also find there the Rodmarton Manor which is famous for being built with materials that were regionally sourced and handcrafted by craftsmen in the area.

If you wanted to explore the outdoors, The Cotsworld Way National Trail is a famous trail that rolls over 102 miles and weaves between hills. There are also different range of trails that you can follow either on your own or as part of a guided tour.


The Lake District

Of course, we needed to include The Lake District as it is a popular destination for many UK residents for their holidays.

Different kinds of shows and festivals such as farmers’ markets, Food festivals and unique film festivals happen throughout the year, which can make your trip extra special. So no matter what type of hobby you are into their is always something for you!  Seeing other interesting attractions in the area are also not too far, things such as diamond wheel cutting and glassblowing which by the way you won’t see just anywhere can be seen in this place. Or if you are more of the alcohol enthusiast, you could take a trip to the Lakes working distillery and see how whisky, gin and vodka are produced on-site.

For more outdoor activities, variety of walking trails for different abilities and time scales can also be found here. You can try and have a mountain top picnic and enjoy the view from below or you can enjoy a boat ride across the lakes to see the landscape from a different point of view as well.

The Northern Irish Coast

Travelling on The Northern Irish Coast is definitely worth visiting. You can have your accommodations booked in Belfast as it has a well organised transport system running in and out of the city and it’s not too far from the sights you’ll want to see.

If you are a self proclaimed dare-devil, remember to visit the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.  This rope bridge is suspended around 30 metres above sea levels and is famous for its amazing views and ability to get those hearts racing. After your thrilling rope bridge adventure, why not visit the Giant’s Causeway too, which is another popular site for Irish tourists. It’s situated on the coast and this attraction is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption, although legends say it was built by an Irish Giant as a way to reach a Scottish Giant ahead of a fight.

And of course a die hard Game of Thrones fan must not forget ti visit The Dark hedges which is also close to the coast. The Dark hedges an avenue of Beech trees that dates back to the 18th century and makes an amazing backdrop for a walk in the country or some memorable photos.

The Highlands in Scotland

The Scottish Highlands is filled with breath-taking views and picturesque moments wherever you go. This country is small compared to other European countries but there are plenty of transport links which allows you to see a lot in a short space of time. Just like the West Highland Line, which is a trainline that runs between Glasgow, Oban, Fort Williams and more. You’ll see rugged mountains on your journey, and rich greenery and other scenes that you’d only spot in the countryside.

If you are more of the water enthusiast you can go to Moral Firth, where you’ll be in the presence of 130 bottle nose dolphins. Lots of boat trips are available in the area that allows you to get closer and take a perfect photo of the dolphins and other wildlife creatures such as seals, whales and porpoises!

Since you are already in Scotland, why not visit the Capital? Edinburgh offers a lot of tourist attractions such as the famous Edinburgh Castle, you can also do a shopping spree at Victoria Street or even go around different pubs and mingle with the locals.


We now go to  south-western tip of England, in Cornwall. This is a go to place especially during summer where it seems to gain the highest temperature in Britain to go and enjoy surfing the waves in St. Ives. Charming fishing villages such as Fowey and Falmouth can also be found in the area

Cornwall is known for having the world’s largest Heritage site, so history lovers like me can will definitely enjoy this place. Enjoy the exploration of the Cornish Mining. where you can Tour through Carnglaze Slate Caverns which is made up of three huge caverns that played a part in Cornwalls Slate mining industry. Morwellham Quay is also a recommended location that takes you back to the Victorian era with a copper mine, working farm, railway and museum.

You must also consider visiting another popular attraction in the area which is the Eden Project. Eden Project is made up of two biomes, one which simulates a rainforest environment, and the other, a Mediterranean climate. You can different types of plants that grows from diverse environment and climates. Feel free to walk among the treetops and a waterfall from accessing elevated pathways that are around Eden Project.

You can also try and board a voyage to St Michael’s Mount, if you are seeking for an adventure at sea. It is rocky island off the coast of Cornwall, where there is a cliff-side garden with a range of blossoms and herbs to see.

All these places are a must see for all ages, and I can’t wait to plan my holidays now!

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