Top reasons to hire a car and head off on a UK road trip

I feel very well placed to talk about why you should explore the UK by car, totally on your own steam. Why? Well I’m living UK, England to be precise, and have travelled around quite extensive and it’s a beautiful region of the world.


This is partly why I believe everyone should jump in a car and get exploring the expanse of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Now, I should say here and now that I haven’t been to Northern Ireland, so I can’t really comment too much, however I have family there, and they tell me it is beautiful. It is for this reason that I am going to comment solely on the other three, but please don’t feel hard done to Northern Ireland, because believe me, you are certainly on my must visit list. Whether you want to use Drive Now cheap car hire in London as a starting point, there’s so many wonderful places to explore that are relatively close together.

Don’t forget to check your tyres before you set out – whether you’re renting a car, or it’s your own. Check for correct air pressure, that there’s no obvious problems and that there’s a spare in the back. If your tyres are in poorly condition, it might be worth investing in new tyres. I know what you’re thinking, tyres don’t have to be expensive if you buy them right. Use tyre-shopper to help you find great value, quality tyres at an unbeatable price.

Now, if you’re wondering why you should choose the UK for your next road trip, let me persuade you.


The UK is extremely varied

The maddening thing about telling someone you’re from the UK is that they automatically assume you’re from London, because many people think that’s all there is in the UK – wrong! You only have to drive through counties to see the differences, and you’ll hear different accents as you go. The north of England for example, is totally different to the south of the country, and the differences are so vast that you have to experience them to say that you’ve travelled, and not simply been to London.

The UK is not just England

I am English, so when I say this you should understand how serious I am – the UK is not just about England, so when you’re planning your route you should be taking in the entirety of the land, right from the southern tip of Land’s End in England, across to the western coast of Wales, right to the top of John O’Groats in Scotland.


It’s really quite beautiful

The green, green grass of home which Tom Jones sang about isn’t just in Wales, because the UK as a whole is very green, very rolling, quaint yet metropolitan, and then quite rugged and mountainous all at the same time, with some stunning wild beaches to explore, especially in Cornwall in the far south west of England. You can only truly appreciate the amazing changing landscapes by car, and in your own time, because trains are too rushed, and coaches tend to stick to city areas.

Total freedom

Public transport is restrictive and it is expensive in the UK, and getting around on your own steam by car has many advantages, not least it will mean you get to see more of what you want to see, without being dictated to by coach and train schedules, it will be more comfortable, and you will probably pay less overall if you did the same kind of route by public transport. Yes, petrol costs aren’t the cheapest these days, but sometimes the cost is worth it to be free of travel restrictions.

I can’t stress enough how much I think you should be choosing the UK for your next road trip adventure – believe me, this beautiful land simply doesn’t dull as time goes on, and experiencing it should be at the top of your list.

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