How to make extra money online

Being a freelancer has lots of perks. Not only you get to work at home and not having to wake up early to fight your way to commute or spend money for gas, you just wake up and go straight to your computer and start working. But sometimes being a freelancer can be hard especially if a contract expires and you have no other contract at the money and you will start submitting your CVs to people again to hire you. Let’s say you have saved money but that is for the rainy days, so what can you do while waiting to get hired or even what you can do even if you have an online job that will not affect your job at all, you can read my tips here to make sure you can have your finance secure for the future:


Make a website 

We all know that many people earn a lot of cash just by having their website, but how do they do that? They allow advertisers to post a paid article on their site, or have homepage banner links on their site. Just imagine if you get to have 5 – 10 advertisers to post on your website each day and some of them provide their own articles. Now if you don’t know how to write can help you with that but not just with content creation, they can help you in developing your website as well managing your social media to grow your reach and followers, more followers means more money to charge. Easy right?


Sell little plants

Its a decorative trend nowadays to have your own little herb garden indoor or a mini garden outside and mostly they just bought them because they do not have the time to tend to them while they grow. I know you may think you are the same but there are techs like Octopot that can help you start your mini plant business without having to worry too much about tending to them since the Octopot system is low maintenance and it can self water for almost a week. Grow herbs, mini plants and just post them on your Social Media or even online stores feed for your friends and their friends and other interested people to see and get your business started.


 Be a dropshipper

It may sound like a lot of work but trust me I have tried this and it worked for me! Look for online shops that you think will sell well. I tried giveaways since there’s always an occasion, wedding, party somewhere that needs one of a king giveaways or souvenirs. Make sure you make a great deal with the shop owner as well as permission to have there pictures posted in order to get customers, and once you have people ordering just get the order, payment and do your business negotiation and have your partner shop do all the work for you!

These are just a few of my tips to you, do you have any more ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

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