Best Places to Party Around the World

There are many places around the globe that will cater to any kind of person, no matter what kind of party you are looking for.


Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Of course this is the top of the list. It is the city that never sleeps, known for its twenty-four-hour party lifestyle. In Vegas you can have the time of your life, in any way. You can while away your days playing cards, sunbathing or eating until you can’t eat another thing. If you do decide to spend your time at the casinos, why not practice on the plane? Or maybe you want to run away and get married? In Vegas you can get married pretty much anywhere.

London (of course!)

If you like dancing, London is the place to be. Not only the recognised capital of the UK, it is also the clubbing capital. It boasts over 300 clubs and an unthinkable number of bars, so there will always be something to suit your taste in music. The places range to the upmarket, Ibiza recreation Pacha in Victoria, to KOKO in Camden for all of the people who feel rock in their soul and want to see some awesome authenticity. You can get a little more information here. Whatever your scene or however niche your tastes are, the vast sprawling London metropolis will definitely have something to offer you.



Europe’s party mecca could not be missed off this list! People flock to this Balearic island every year to worship the sun, sea and sound systems. There’s really no better place to go for your summer sounds. Clubs like Amnesia and Privilege (known as the world’s largest capacity club!) will play the soundtrack to your summer, as the island plays host to some of the best DJ’s and artists in the world. International names such as Skrillex and Dizzee Rascal will be playing the infamous Ibiza Rocks this summer, why not see if you can get tickets?

Phuket, Thailand

Phucket is not particularly a place to go if you want something elegant and classy, it’s more a place full of cover bands, neon signs and cheap beer. The seaside lined strip attracts travellers, holiday makers and locals alike who all come together to enjoy a cheesy and cheap night out. There’s a bar for everyone, all kinds of music and a lot of outdoor space and karaoke. A night out here is easy, you don’t need to dress to impress or worry about who’s watching you.


During the Grand Prix season Monaco comes alive, with visitors from all over the world. They are sports enthusiasts, socialites and people with yachts. The affluent principality becomes with people alike who fill the streets with champagne flutes and designer names and the harbour with yachts and jet skis. If you want to party in style, Monaco is the place you need to be next summer.


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