Caribbean Winter Cruise Ideas

The days are becoming colder and shorter here in Blighty, as tans fade and drudgery returns. Fortunately, Bolsover Cruise Club are here to help with a range of winter cruise trips to the Caribbean – which still has plenty of festivals and sun to to spare for you to look forward to. While you’re getting ready to treat yourself to a luxury cruise holiday, check out some of the best places to see in the Caribbean during the winter months.


St. Kitts

One of the high points of St. Kitts is the scenic mountain range comprised of dormant volcanoes, the highest peak of which is Mount Liamuiga and offers stunning views of the island. If hiking isn’t for you, you can keep an eye out for examples of Petroglyphs, unusual (and hotly debated) rock carvings created by the indigenous Carib people prior to the arrival or European colonisers. Alternatively, see the island in style in The Sugar Train, originally built for sugar production which now serves as a tour of the island’s coast.


A visit to Aruba allows you to make the most of the Caribbean sun by visiting one of the best beaches in the world: Eagle Beach. Beautiful white sand and the availability of amenities (from drinks to sun loungers) makes it a great spot for relaxing and catching some rays. Don’t forget to make a day of visiting the capital, Oranjestad, with its eclectic mix of old and new architecture and funky shops, as well as the archaeology museum which explores the island’s indigenous culture.



To miss hurricane season, it’s best to visit Grenada from January onward – but once you get there, you can enjoy a visit to the Grand Etang National Park, where you can walk through the lush rainforests with picturesque waterfalls. Additionally, the island’s crystal clear seas are fantastic for scuba diving – while it isn’t particularly well known, the island has some incredible underwater sculptures, shipwrecks, and coral reefs to explore.


Controlled by England for its colonial past, Antigua has a rich military history and several monuments to this to see on the island. Shirley Heights was an 18th century fort whose ruins are now great fun to see and offers stunning views of Guadalupe, as well as locally sourced live music during their weekly barbecues; while Devil’s Bridge offers gorgeous views of the ocean during sunsets.

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