Holiday Checklist

When you’re looking forward to something and eager to get on with it, it’s easy to let practicalities slip. Having said that, it’s crucial to at least engage your brain enough to make sure you don’t forget something important, and in the case of heading off for a long-awaited holiday, you need to make sure you have everything in place, in order to ensure a smooth onwards journey, and a fun time away without problems getting in the way.

Remember these things, and you should have a smoother holiday as a result.

Passport validity

So many people don’t bother to look at the date their passport runs out, simply because a passport lasts for ten years so we assume it’s going to last forever – wrong! Ten years is not forever, so make sure you check that date. Most destinations require six months to be left on your passport after the date you return.


Do you need a visa?

Sometimes you will, sometimes you won’t, but you need to check well ahead of time, as in some cases this can be a lengthy process if you need to go down more official channels.


Never travel without adequate travel insurance! In the worst case scenario you are playing Russian roulette with your health if you attempt to travel without insurance, and when you consider it takes very little time to organise cover then you really have no excuse! Compare travel insurance to see the best sites that will give you all your options.


Remember that you will almost always get a better currency exchange rate in resort, so simply change a little money over to the currency of your destination, enough to manage you a few days, and then take the rest to change with you.

Tell your bank

If you’re planning on using your debit or credit cards whilst you’re away, make sure you tell your bank of your intention. This doesn’t totally stop the possibility of your cards getting blocked due to suspected fraud, but it does go a long way to preventing it. Simply inform them of where you’re going, when, and how long for.

Check health matters

Do you need any extra immunisations for your destination? You might do, and you might not, but your doctor is the person to ask. You also need to make sure you have enough of your regular medications to last you for the duration of your time away, and to pack these in your hand luggage, in their labelled boxes.

These are the major things you shouldn’t forget when you’re heading off on your travels. Tick these off and you’re good to go!

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