Is It Possible To Travel In Luxury On A Tight Budget? Roomer Has Made It Easy

Everyone wants to travel, but no one wants to travel on a tight budget. Unfortunately, there are major costs associated with any vacation. Air tickets, foreign exchange, sightseeing. And, of course, hotel rooms.

At an earlier stage in your life, you may have been willing to compromise on comfort. But now that’s an essential part of your trip. You’re going away in order to relax and de-stress, not to strain your back on an old bed in a cramped room. Discounts are great, but only until you actually see what you’re getting.

Staying home is often preferable to traveling cheap, and this means you don’t travel nearly as much as you’d like to. But now it seems that luxury can actually come at a bargain.

Millions of paid-for hotel rooms are being left empty


We all know how easily it can happen. The vacation you’ve been planning for months can be abruptly terminated. Even in the event of an unexpected celebration, this can drive you mad with frustration.

But it’s not just that you have to postpone your trip. Much of what you’ve spent you won’t get back. Especially when it comes to hotel rooms.

Most hotels have a no-refunds policy, and for good reason. In the U.S. alone, 220 000 hotel reservations are cancelled every day! Globally, that number reaches into the millions.

A byproduct of this, is that there’s a good chance your perfect hotel rooms i about to be left vacant.

One person’s misfortune can be another person’s luck


In theory, this creates an amazing opportunity. A frustrated traveler is ready to give away the hotel room they’re not using at huge discount, and help someone else on the way.

It’s a theory that’s not easy to put into practice.

Cancellations happen at random. You can’t plan them. Maybe you’ll come across an unlucky traveler, but even if you do, your holiday will be based on their criteria. And good luck trusting them. It’s just too easy to be scammed into buying a reservation that doesn’t really exist, or is not what you was promised.

But a company called Roomer has managed to turn this situation into a regular way to travel.

Find your perfect room on Roomer’s marketplace


Roomer has created a marketplace for non-refundable hotel rooms, where sellers are willing to sell their non-refundable hotel reservations at around 50% discount.

What this means for you, is that cheap hotel rooms are available to find – and their quality is disproportionate to their price.

50% is only the recommended minimum discount. In reality, we found listings with discounts of up to 85%. These were rooms in luxury hotels. The biggest discount up right now is on a 5 star hotel!

Verification and logistics done for you


What’s truly remarkable about Roomer’s service is that it’s entirely stress-free. In fact, there’s no disadvantage in using Roomer over any “normal” bookings website. All the logistics are taken care of, including changing the reservation and securing your method of payment – you never exchange details with the seller.

The biggest perk of this, is that they have an automated verification system, that they use to ensure you’re getting what you were promised. This is something that you can seldom be sure of with other services. There are many stories out there of tourists arriving at their hotel late at night, only to find that their reservation no longer exists.

More comfort, more often

By saving on hotel rooms, you’ll find you’re able to travel far more often. Instead of saving up for above average accommodation, you can travel in luxury every time. Although Roomer is based in New York, they list hotel rooms throughout the world.

Traveling cheap is now easy, and does not involve compromise, so take a look at Roomer’s website, and find a new way to travel.


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