Three of the Most Enchanting Places to Visit in South Africa

South Africa is enchanting. Sited on the southernmost tip of the vast African continent, it is defined by vast swathes of grassland, stunning beaches, and some of the most varied and exotic wildlife anywhere in the world.

There are few who fail to be charmed by its magic. Suited to everyone from the erstwhile explorer to the luxury-loving lady of leisure, it offers a miasma of white sand wonderlands, craggy cliffs, windswept peaks, temperate lagoons, and lush wine growing plains.

If you’re looking for a destination that caters to everybody, here are three South African gems that you might want to consider…


#1: The Winelands

Located close to Cape Town, South Africa’s uplands, locally known as the Boland, are a lush paradise for those seeking an exotic utopia. The area is famed for its fine wines, which are exported all across the world, gracing the tables of the great and the good. The Stellenbosch and Franschhoek mountain ranges tower above the rich, fertile lands, casting their shadow over all, and providing a breathtaking backdrop to this beautiful place. Enjoy the stunning scenery by day, and then, come evening, dine in the towns beneath, whose culinary delights are celebrated by both locals and tourists alike.

#2: The Garden Route

Another stunning place for those in search of Wonderland is the famed Garden Route. Passing through some of South Africa’s most beautiful terrain, it is a monument to the glory of Mother Nature. Stretching from Mossel Bay in the west to Plettenberg Bay in the east, it encompasses a stunning range of native wildlife, varied scenery, and some of the country’s loveliest beauty spots. Ideal for outdoorsy types looking for excitement and adventure, it is famed for its water sport scene, and offers a wide range of high-energy activities. To wind down at the end of the day, simply pick one of its wonderful beaches, lay back and relax, or else go in search of one of its many enchanting lagoons.


#3: The Northern Cape

The Northern Cape is one of South Africa’s most sparsely populated locales, and it is often considered to be the last great frontier. Ideal for those seeking adventure and excitement, it offers the opportunity to go off the beaten track, and see places rarely glimpsed by human eyes. Its towns lie scattered, hundred of miles separating them, leaving vast wildernesses between for the brave and the bold to play in. The relentless sun blazes down on long stretches of unpeopled roads, and lions wander at liberty, far removed from civilisation. Surreal, sublime, and a world away from your everyday existence, why not explore the Northern Cape and go where few others have dared to tread?

Where will you choose to visit?


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