Why you Need a Travel Specialist when Visiting Chengdu

Learn about why it’s best to travel to China’s fifth largest province with an experienced travel specialist.

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, China’s fifth largest city and the home of the panda. It isn’t hard to get lost among the 14,047,625 inhabitants who call it home, and with so many hidden gems and places of interest, it would be foolish to visit and not enlist the help of an experienced local.

The capital boasts a position as a hub for the country’s economic, financial, cultural, transport, commercial, and communications technology sectors.


From Modern City to Historical Landmarks

On one hand, Chengdu is an economic powerhouse, with 260 of the world’s Fortune 500 companies doing business there. On the other hand, Chengdu is also a pristine, historical paradise.

Chengdu dates back to the native Sangxingdui culture of the Bronze Age, where it played a key role in Chinese history around the time of the state of Shu’s establishment.

Noteworthy sights are distributed throughout the capital, highlighted by the many cultural festivals and customs; if you visit Chengdu using The China Travel Company services, you can create your own, custom experiences based on the time of year and your personal interests.

Chengdu boasts a large number of tourist attractions and historic customs that are bucket-list-worthy. Noteworthy customs and festivals include the Grand Temple Fair, China’s Lantern Festival, the Duijangyan Water Releasing Festival, Huanglongxi Fire Dragon Festival, and the South China Snow and Ice Festival.

Beyond festivals and traditions, there are also the ancient ruins of the Shu Civilisation, which include the Jinsha ruins, Golden Sun Bird, and Sangxingdui Museum.

Buddhist and Taoist monasteries line the region; the Chengdu Daci Monastery, Wenshu Monastery, Daoguang Monastery, and the Qingyang Taoist Temple are all culturally rich Chinese travel destinations that cannot be missed.


5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a China Travel Specialist in Chengdu

When you’ve got China tours and holidays specialists at your disposal, life is easier. Here’s our top 5 reasons why hiring a Chengdu China travel company is good for you.

  1. You don’t know what you don’t know; exploring solo without a local to show you the best places to visit, eat, sleep, and get around can really put the brakes on a pleasant journey and add exorbitant travel costs. No one does China better like a local.
  1. Cut through the hype; a local knows what’s great, what isn’t, and what a complete tourist trap is. If you’ve got a trustworthy China travel company, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to see more of what you want to see, and less of what you don’t.
  1. Save money; hiring The China Travel Company will not only ensure that you pay local prices –but you also benefit from their massive network of connections with vendors, hotels, bus lines, train operators, venues, and so on. Your travel company will have a lot of friends, and those friends become your friends.
  1. Speaking of friends; make some. Travel tours are a great time to make new friends and build existing relationships. Jumping out of the ordinary for an adventure in a place where everything is different is not only cathartic, it’s reinvigorating.
  1. Be where the action is; in China, timing is everything. Having help to tailor your China trip will ensure that you don’t miss specific festivals and traditions along your journey. Instead of just visiting a place, you can visit it during its prime time.

Now doesn’t that sound nice?

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