10 Common Problems in Old Homes (and how to fix them)


How long have you been living your home? 10 years? 20 years? Or maybe more? Or maybe you have fallen in love with the classic style of old homes and you have recently bought one. I know its hard to maintain and manage old homes both physically and financially but, I have here tips from https://www.certasenergy.co.uk/ that will help you detect the most common old home problems and help you fix it. Read on below and find out how:

A Lack of Insulation

One of the most important component of a house is insulation. You need to make sure that it is still there, now how do know if your home needs one? Check your floor boards or even the cavities of your wall, if you can’t find a sponge-like material there well you are missing your insulation for sure. You don’t need to call an expert and pay thousand just for it to get fixed, you can actually just do it yourself if you have the proper materials but if you aren’t that of a DIY person, calling an expert the way to go.

Roof Deterioration

Due to the long years the house has been standing, its not impossible that your roof might be deteriorating. If you see evidence of water damage on the ceiling and on the floor, you definitely need to have it fixed. You can actually do it yourself if its just a small crack but if you see significant damage, you need to call the experts.


Boiler Inefficiency

If you have been receiving a huge heating bill even though you are not feeling the warmth well then you need to have your boiler checked. You can try flushing it out first and see if there are sludges in the pipes that prevents the radiator from working properly and if that doesn’t work, its time to get a new one.


Yes, I know moulds are really not that inviting to any home. But since your home is pretty old, having mould problems is actually very common. You just need to use a mould spray, abrasive sponge or even an elbow grease to get rid of those nasty things – that is if the mould is quite small. But if you are dealing with a bigger infestation, you need the help of a professional because they can be harmful to your health.

Plumbing Problems

Check your boiler all the time to see if it is still running in good condition. Since that boiler is the same age as your house, it is then prone to cracks and leaks that is dangerous since old boilers runs on heating oil. The best solution to ease your mind is to replace it with a new one. New home technologies offers a lot to homeowners that some boilers can now be monitored via an app.

Leaking Heating Oil Tank

The ages of your house is the same age as your plumbing system, so if you are having a hard time with your water pressure or if you find watermarks, the its time to get a plumber and have your pipes changed.

Unsafe Electrics

If you feel that there is something wrong with your electrics, I suggest you call an electrician right away – not unless you are one yourself.

Lead Paint

Like Asbestos, during the old times, lead paint are used to home construction, but now they are also banned because they are really harmful to your health. You can seal the paint off by putting a coat of modern paint over it or for your own ease, have the lead paint scraped off and have the fumes removed but make sure you wear proper clothing and protective masks.

Drafty Windows

If you feel that your windows is already inefficient, you can just reseal them or if you wanted to make sure it’ll last longer, you can have your windows replaced.


The use of Asbestos in homes is banned now but before they are used quite a lot in home constructions. If you suspect that Asbestos might be present in your home, better contact an expert because inhaling those can lead to serious health complications.

See the infograph below for more details:

10-common-problems-in-old-homes_V2 (1)


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