Hotels Vs Apartments: Which One is Right for You?

The popularity of self-catering ‘home from home’ accommodation has soared in recent years, thanks in part to apps like AirBNB. Ten or twenty years ago, before the internet became such an integral part of our lives, if we wanted to visit London for a break we would have booked a hotel without giving it a second thought. Now things are different and we are much more likely to look at self-catering accommodation and serviced apartments instead. But are apartments better than hotels and, more importantly, are they a good choice for you?


The Pros of Hotel Life

Hotels are always going to be popular with business travellers and if you simply need a comfortable room for the night with breakfast provided in the morning, a hotel is probably just as good a choice as any.

There is also likely to be more choice of hotel accommodation to suit all budgets in central London, particularly around transport hubs.

Lastly, budget travellers will also have a better choice if they need cheap accommodation, since there are plenty of low-cost hotels in and around central London that cater for backpackers and students.


The Cons of Hotel Life

Many London hotels are well past their best, particularly at the ‘budget’ end of the scale.

Since London is one of the most expensive cities in the world when it comes to accommodation, it can be hard to find a decent hotel during busy periods.

Hotels are also expensive if you are travelling in a larger party. Family groups will have no choice but to book a suite or more than one inter-connecting rooms, which will bump the price up considerably.


The Pros of Self Catering

Self-catering apartments tick a lot of boxes. Serviced apartments are usually cheaper than a hotel room – sometimes as much as 50% cheaper – and when you book an apartment, you get a lot more for your money. Instead of one small room and en-suite bathroom, you will have a kitchen area and living room. So in terms of square footage, there will be a lot more space to relax in.

Unlike a hotel room, you can prepare meals and entertain guests in an apartment if you choose.

Lastly, many high-end self-catering apartments such as the Mayfair holiday apartments offer all kinds of extras, including concierge service, security, a gym, swimming pool, and laundry facilities, so for a lengthy stay with family, this type of accommodation is a smart choice.


The Cons of Self Catering

There are no real disadvantages to staying in a self-catering serviced apartment in London as long as you book through a reputable company. However, if you decide to book your accommodation via a website such as Gumtree, it is very easy to get scammed into paying for accommodation that doesn’t exist, so be on your guard!

Whatever type of accommodation you decide to book for your trip to London, always read the customer reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor before you hand over any money.

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