How I helped my parents move out

After my moving out, my parents finally decided using their retirement savings to finally live and enjoy their life. One of their main goal is to buy a waterfront house and just this month they have finally found the home of their dreams! Since my parents are in the age where they needed a few help with doing this or that, I have make it a point to let them experience moving  hassle free. The first thing I did was to find moving companies in phoenix that have great ratings and are really trustworthy (since I do not want my parents to experience any headaches on the day they move). It was actually not that hard to find the perfect moving company since many people around our area recommended them too. 


Packing and cleaning my parents old home is quite stressful so me and my sister planned a pampering day for them. I have booked an appointment for them at , since I know how much my mom loves getting her nails done all the time and  I also looked for a cosmetic dentistry near me in order for my dad to have his pearly whites attended to before moving out and for them to experience the best pampering day before the stress of the moving day. My parents went home really relaxed and they cannot help but show us their pearly whites like they are just smiling all the time. Me and my sister are really happy that we made those appointments and we never regret that decision because seeing our parents that relax makes us feel really happy for them, (just thinking of all the headaches we have given them before)

After we packed everything and sort all things that we need to sort, we then started to call our family members to help our parents with the final clean up and of course we have planned a surprise despedida party for our parents.

On the day of the move , I traveled with my parents via airplane then stayed at a hotel while waiting for the moving truck to come. I thought that moving will be a very stressful moment for my parents but I was really wrong, they enjoyed everything and never showed a single sign of stress. The house is amazing! I swear if I can afford one I really would opt living here. I am super happy that my parents found a home that they have been dreaming for so long and that I was able to help them in ways that I can.

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