How To Fix a Creaky Squeaky Floor

Your flooring is a huge feature in your room and is so important to how your interior is perceived. If you’ve gone for solid wood flooring, then it’s likely that you’ve spent a significant amount on it, so don’t put up with those irritating squeaks and creaks! Fixing the issues is actually easier than you might think.

If you live in a home that has creaky floorboards, then you’ll know how irritating they can be. While we usually think they only happen in old houses, the sad fact is that it can happen in older ones too.

Insert shims into gaps

If you have space beneath the floor, then this is an easy way to fix the noise. Identify which floorboard is the squeaky one and check to see if there is a gap, which should be between the top of the floor and the subfloor. Then spread some glue in the gap, this will hopefully stop any squeaks! Don’t force anything which can create a hump in the floor above, however. The purpose of the shim is just to fill the gap and prevent the floor from moving up and down.


A simple way to eradicate any squeaks and creaks is to use adhesive. This is the most effective way to fill long gaps. Once it hardens, it will hopefully stop movement in the floor which will put a stop to that irritating noise! This can also work for smaller gaps.

Nail a board

Wood flooring can twist, warp and shrink. As result, a space can open up between the planks and then cause it to squeak. Apply a plank of wood or some other material to keep it in place then secure it in place with nails or glue. You will need to be able to get under the floor to do this however, so make sure this is doable before you get started!

As tempting as it can be to treat yourself to a whole new floor, it of course is very expensive! Try some of these techniques before you decide to replace the whole floor – it’s certainly worth a try!

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