Taking interior design inspiration from your travels

Most of us have favorite travel destinations or places we’d like to go to but haven’t quite managed to yet. When you come back from your travels, be they short or long, you can incorporate some interior design ideas into your home inspired by the places you have been.

The trick is not to overdo it; be subtle as well as imaginative in what you do. Recreating a room in the style of the Palace of Versailles in France is probably overdoing it, but there’s no reason why you can’t, for example, import a little bit of French elegance to your decor.

Here are a few ideas to get you going.


Vive La France!

When travelling in France, you instantly get a sense of style, be it hotels, restaurants, cafés or just the gorgeous little country villages and imposing old apartments and buildings. You can include some of that elegance with objects from some of the many secondhand markets you’ll find in cities and towns all over the country. Perhaps an ornate lamp with some little souvenirs added in, for example. Look for the unusual, accessorize with some (empty) French wine bottles and maybe frame some classic French posters of paintings by Matisse or Monet to adorn your walls.

The British Library

British interior design is defined by its classic heritage charm and unique characteristics, fuelled by both international and royal influences. The link between architecture and design in traditional interiors ensures British furniture is built to last. There is nothing more British than the chesterfield sofa, the deep button design was specifically designed to keep the gentleman’s suit crisp. This bold furnishing becomes the focal point of a room, style with dark wood bookshelves and soft layered textures to achieve the unique look of an old-fashioned library.

La Bella Italia

Drawing inspiration from beautiful Italy, with its ancient architecture and artifacts, its subtle colors and hues of terracotta, can make a real difference to a living space. A light wooden floor with orange-toned walls will give a real sense of your Italian travels. Accessorize furniture with warm throws and add some ornaments such as sculptures and wooden boxes. As a final touch, use wooden shutters on your windows, which will complement the wood of the floor and also allow you to control the amount of light with moveable louvers. As for the bath, you can even spazz up your bathroom by replacing your old sink with a ceramic bathroom sink that will give your vanity a classy italian touch.


Magical Mexico

You can make a real design statement by bringing some Mexican color and patterns into your home. Develop your very own fiesta feel by using vibrant colors on the walls, but remember to mix them up. For example, try a white signature wall with blues and yellows or greens and pinks. Texture the walls to get a stucco plaster effect and use tiles for your flooring. Try to incorporate some patterned ceramic tiles where you can, and decorate with rustic furniture and woven rugs.

Create new visuals

You know all those postcards you’ve had in drawers for years? Frame and hang them to create a wall of art. You could add little stencils with international themes in between each postcard and have many memories of all the places you have visited on your travels. Chances are, you’ll be inspired to head off on your travels again!

Be imaginative

When you travel, it’s always worth looking carefully at and photographing every environment you are in. It gives you the opportunity to go back over everything when you’re back home and then decide what from your travels you would like to incorporate into your interior design.


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