Thins you must consider when moving out

Have you finally found your dream home and decided to take that huge step and move out? Like me, I was also excited when I get the opportunity to live in my dream city and in my dream house but, moving out needs a huge amount of planning and preparation. So to help you, I have here my top things to consider when moving out:

Sort and Categorize 

You need to sort out things in your home, the most important to the least as well as categorize everything. All Living Room stuff stay together as well as the Kitchen stuff and so on. One more important thing is to label everything, to just make things more organized. Label everything before you put them out and make sure you double check every item in your category to make sure that your favorite lamp is not included in your to go box. Yikes!


Call for help

You cannot do everything on your own so calling for help is definitely one of the things you must consider when moving out. Calling a family member or even a close neighbor to help you with packing and sorting is definitely a must! Let them help you in your to go boxes and maybe they can find trinkets or small furniture that you can give to them as a token for them helping you out or just a little memoir of you to them Also, don’t forget to serve them a few snacks while they help you, a slice of cake with or any pastry will do. Or you can treat them to pizza or dinner afterwards, and enjoy you time with them before the big day.

Secure all services

Before your moving day make sure you have secured your moving services to avoid last minute headaches. Make sure you double check the date and time with them as well as your address, you don’t want them to mix you up with another client. There are a lot of moving services available but you can try or BCI Worldwide since they are very trustworthy and they do an amazing job.

Settle all bills

Make sure that all money related issues are settled before you go. Phone bills, utility bills and mortgages must be paid before going. You do not want your landlord or the new owner of the house to be chasing you.

Here are a few of my things to consider when moving out. If you think you can add more, let me know in the comments section below.

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