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Lets say we have already found and bought our dream home, but that does not mean we will be settled with what’s in it and not try to improve it more for the better? Take me for example, I thought having my renovation for my dream home years ago will be the last of it but of course that is not the case. As the years pass, our homes tend to need upgrades that will benefit you and improve your home drastically. I have listed the top improvements you can do to your home this year!


Glass Railings

Addition of glass railings may it be on your stairs, porch or even to your pool can add not just beauty to your home but it can also serve as a protection railing.  I have added a glass railing on my pool to not just let my dog jump into the pool without me knowing. I need to be wary of the people in my friend list that are allergic to dogs so whenever we have a pool barbecue around my area they do not need to worry about encountering dog hairs since my dogs cannot just jump into my pool without my permission. My glass railings was installed by and my pool had never looked better.

Heat System

If you have winter weather you better have Heat Systems installed. You never have to worry about the freezing of your pipes or even have roof de-icing issues. Having a heat system installed gives you one less worry during winter, is the one to call for this type of installation since they have been around the business since 1988 and still going strong. Or if you want, you can even have a bioethanol fireplace installed. You can choose whicj type of fireplace you want that will fit the new design and decor of your home.


Improved Air Conditioning System

You might be wondering why change your air conditioning unit when it is still working and still quite new? To be honest, the time you want to change your AC unit is up to you but always remember to have it maintained to avoid unnecessary problems about it. I have recently changed mine to Hydro Solar brand, I have chosen the AC with a heating system too! 

Have you had any major improvements around your home recently? Let me know in the comments section below.

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