5 Things To Do If You Are Stopping Over In London


Seeing an iconic city like London is on many people’s bucket list. It can take weeks to see all of London, so what do you do when you have only a short stopover to spend there? Fear not, here are five handy hints to ensure your stopover in London is not just spent in the hotel.


1. Familiarise yourself with the airport

There is no sense in understanding where your nearest bathroom is at Heathrow if you are flying into Gatwick. Double-check your itinerary before you plan your stopover. Check out an expert travel site such as FCm Travel Solutions , and grab an airport map for Heathrow or Gatwick airport. Knowing where to go as soon as you come out of the gate will make it easy to get started on the fun part of your stopover. Learning where the check-in desks, airline lounges and business services are prior to landing and subsequent take off will help you make the most of your time. If you are planning on heading out sightseeing, store your bulky items in one of the baggage lockers at the airport to make public transport easier.

2. Take a layover tour

If you have at least eight hours to spare, a layover tour can get you out of the airport and sightseeing in one swift move. One of the most popular attractions is a tour of Windsor, which takes in Windsor Castle and its grounds, the Changing of the Guard ceremony and Eton College (perfect for fans of all things royal). Some tours can be customised to suit your desired routes as well. Layover tours are a great way to take in a snapshot of London.


3. Visit Big Ben

For many tourists, visiting Big Ben is a must-do on a trip to London. The iconic clock tower and bell is a well-known attraction and worthy of awe day or night. It is also within just a few minutes walk of Westminster Abbey. Jump on a train using the easy to navigate London Underground system and stop at Westminster Station—both icons will be within a short walk.

4. See The Tower of London

The iconic Tower of London is also a worthwhile attraction to visit on your London stopover. Allow approximately an hour once inside to ensure you see all the main attractions there (including a tour with one of the famous Beefeaters). While there, you can soak up some history and learn about the Tower’s most famous treasures (the Crown Jewels!).


5. Take in the sights from The Shard

If you are short on time, a visit to The Shard will give you an amazing view of London. The Shard’s Viewing Gallery is twice the height of any other viewing structure in London, allowing you to see as far as 65 kilometres away.

While on a stopover time is of the essence, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego seeing the best parts of the city. A little research and planning can help you make the most of your London stopover.

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