Alternative Sightseeing Methods In London

It’s so easy when booking a holiday to automatically sign up for the walking tour or the sightseeing bus to get around town, but with so much to see in London, it really pays to reconsider. London has so many attractions, from art to dramatic performances to history, politics, to architecture, sometimes a strict tour route isn’t the way to go. If you’re looking to really see London on a visit, check out this alternative modes of transport.


On Foot

The original mode of sightseeing, there’s a lot to be said for a simple walking tour or simply going for a wander around a new city. Within Central London there are plenty of standalone maps on the streets with potential sights or important buildings to help you find your path if you get lost, and enjoying a walk around town allows you to really see London – nipping into independent shops and asking locals for recommendations.


There’s plenty of opportunities for avid cyclists to enjoy London, with beautiful accessible sights to see all over the city. For the amateur cyclist, London county Council have in recent years pushed both locals and visitors to take up cycling through the implementation of ‘Boris bikes’, automatic bicycle rental stands in many locations in Central London and now throughout the boroughs, with maps by different points so you can easily improvise a route. Excellent starting points include Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, and Green Park, where you can enjoy the lush greenery and perhaps even look for the queen on her Buckingham Palace balcony.



If mobility problems or fatigue cause problems exploring the city on foot or by cycle, look into airboarding. Essentially a robotic skateboard, airboards have self-balancing technology to allow riders to steer by leaning their body weight whichever way necessary, and allows speeds of up to 10mph. Unlike bicycles, they don’t count as a road vehicle so they can be used on pedestrian paths, allowing you to continue to enjoy a scenic ‘glide’ of London’s historic streets.


Roaming around the city using a motorcycle is one alternative that you must try! Although riding a motorcycle in London is not for the faint-hearted. Make sure to be ready for the traffic and your motorcycle is ready to take on the London streets. Make sure to check Honda motorcycle parts online if you needed to twerk your motorcycle a bit or if you need honda oem parts, you can find it there.  Biking is infinitely faster, cheaper, more pleasant and satisfying than using public transport in London so I am sure you will enjoy your motorcycle ride there. Oh, if you are newbie you can follow couriers around or to enter London on M4. By the way, don’t forget your helmet before you go and if you are on the bigger side, there are motorcycle helmets for big heads also available so make sure you have one and get protected!

Public Transport

At just £1.60 for a single bus journey that can take you from one side of London to the other, TfL buses are insanely good value for money. You may not have a well informed narrator and headphones, but sitting atop a classic London bus allows you to take in the whole city – even observing extra side paths or classic buildings you may not have had the opportunity to see otherwise. Not only that, but you can hop off whenever you please to enjoy some refreshments or get closer to some attractions for a far lower price than a sightseeing bus would charge.

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