Easy Holiday Trips from London


One of the best things about living in a really touristic city (such as London) is related to the fact that you are not absolutely bound to the city. Regardless of whether you are an actual “local” or if you simply wanted to experience London for a longer period of time, you will definitely love the idea that you can always travel away to some pretty amazing places – and that it will only take a few hours at most for you to get there.

Which are the easiest and most exciting holiday trips from London? Read on and find out more.


Paris. Oh, the city of love! Few other cities in the whole wide world have the same reputation as Paris – and truth be told, it is quite likely that your expectations will not be in vain. Paris is everything you have heard it is – and more. Kind of grim, and yet extremely romantic, kind of smug and yet extremely beautiful – these are just some of the things Paris is all about. Add this to cheese, delicious pastry, amazing wines and to street performances happening every day and you’ve got the perfect blend for a perfect holiday in “close vicinity” to London. How much does it take to get from London to Paris? Between 1 hour (by plane) and about 3-4 hours (by bus/car).

Dublin. Sometimes, people mistakenly believe Dublin is “kind of” the same as everything in the UK. However, Dublin is first and foremost not even part of the United Kingdom proper – as it is capital of Ireland (and not of Northern Ireland). Leaving aside all the “technicalities” though, Dublin does have a special fragrance that will really make you enjoy its culture. The castles, the museums, the churches – everything here has an Irish taste and that is precisely what makes this place so great to visit.

Bremen. Alright, this is the kind of trip that will be actually “easy” if you choose to fly yourself over there – which takes little over one hour. However, Bremen is especially worth the trouble if you want to experience a bit of German culture. Do visit the City Hall if you want to see some really amazing architecture and don’t miss out on their museums and natural hot spots/parks because you will definitely enjoy everything there!

Bilbao. Get a taste of the amazing and vibrant Spanish culture too by flying yourself over there to Bilbao in less than two hours. The city itself is amazing and although at a first sight it may not feel very much different from a lot of other European cultures, as you allow yourself to immerse in it, you will start feeling its uniqueness. You will start feeling its Spanish-ness and its special kind of flavor. Somewhere in between very modern and old-school, Bilbao’s architecture will enchant you. As for the food here, try everything without even blinking because you will definitely enjoy it to the point you will actually want to bring some plates of food back home with you!


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