Hit Two Birds With One Stone – 5 Cardio Workouts to Help Weight Loss

When we gain weight without proper exercise, we increase our risk of having heart ailments. A good balance of proper dieting and some forms of physical activity should be observed at all times, whether you are a mom at home, or at work.

But since the spread of coronavirus, most of the moms are forced to stay home and have limited options to take care of our bodies while we balance our home chores and working at home. That is why most of the moms all across the globe and people in the city of London hate extreme weight loss programs because they can no longer invest their time in it. However, there are ways on how we can achieve a healthy body by doing exercises without the need to go to a gym. These exercises also aim not only to lose weight but in the long run, maintain a healthy heart.  

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Here are 5 cardio workouts to help weight loss: 

Sit-ups. It is targeted to reduce the amount of fat around the belly to give it a better-toned look. You lay flat on your back, and sit up while pushing your hand behind your head. You can do at least 50 times per session, 2 repetitions a day. 

It is a hands-free workout without the need for any instrument to assist you when executing your situps. 

Push-ups. You need to lie face down on the mat or the floor. Place your palms on the floor, close to your shoulders and chin. You lift up and push your upper body with your arms with your hands acting as your support. You can do 50 push-ups per session every day. 

This is designed to improve your cardiovascular health and unwanted fat from your arms and upper body.

Static jogging. This is basically jogging in one place. You can jog at a steady or altered pace, depending on your capacity. Do this at least 30 minutes a day. You can start by jogging for 10 minutes every day. Then try to gradually increase your time and/or pace on your succeeding days. 

This will improve your stamina and reduce your overall weight.

Jumping Jacks. You need to stand straight. Then jump into a position that will make you spread your legs wide when you land on your feet. While doing this with your legs, you also reach out with your two hands from the side above your head. On your second jump, you need to close the gaps between your legs and put your arms down to your side upon landing. Do this 25 times in 3 sets every day. 

Jumping jacks will improve both your cardiovascular health and stamina and will make you sweat your weight out. 

Running the stairs. Running the stairs. This workout can be an alternative to static jogging. However, in addition to improving your stamina and cardio, you can also tone your leg muscles because of the added effort of going up the flights of the stairs. Run up and down the at least 8 flights of stairs of your house. Be careful in doing this as it may not be suitable for senior citizens or those with knee injuries. 

Remember to do some stretching before you start with any of your cardio workouts. You can also have some variations of the exercise, like using a platform for your hand and increase your inclination when doing the push ups if you feel it is difficult to do from the ground, or stepping on a wood plank back and forth when doing your static jogging. 

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