Potter on down to Warner Brothers Studios in London this summer

Warner Brothers Studios has been the location for the creation of countless classic films over the decades. This includes almost 6,500 feature films, plus a further 3,000 television programmes represented by tens of thousands of individual episodes. Among the highest-grossing films, the top 25 include The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012), both films based on the fictitious superhero Batman who first appeared in American comic books published by DC Comics. Next in line – the whole range of Harry Potter movies, interspersed with an occasional film on another topic. The phenomenon that is Harry Potter continues to reverberate with people all over the world, and the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London is a firm favourite for many different segments of the public.

Diagon Alley

Family days out

Naturally, the Warner Brothers Studio Tour is a wonderful, thrilling experience for all the family. You can see the original Hogwarts Express, visit Diagon Alley and enjoy the authentic sets, reliving the magic of the novels through the eyes of the very same filmmakers who made possible the Harry Potter film series and brought it to life.

A new feature introduced during the summer of 2015 is ‘Sweets and Treats’, which demonstrates how food for film is made – both the artificial kind and the genuine article. Specific sets are dressed to replicate particular scenes – think Gryffindor common room during the Quidditch scene of celebration in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Magical business

There is another side to the Harry Potter experience, especially for corporate events whereby you can explore the creativity of the filmmaking process as part of valuable team building exercises. Viewing the classic exhibits prompts appreciation of the incredible craftwork and dedication involved in replicating props to echo some of the spellbinding images in the books and films.

On a practical note, corporate clients should note that there is a boardroom, theatre space, classroom and reception facilities for up to 60 people. Packages are available for events ranging from day delegates to conferences and team building experiences.


Something special

The studio also caters for special events, opening up opportunities for your private gatherings, whether morning or evening, at which your attendees are welcome to explore the exhibits. Dining options for the Great Hall include choices for breakfasts, dinners and receptions, while group visits can also benefit from special packages, featuring lunch or afternoon tea in a designated, reserved area.

Go for bespoke

When it comes to corporate events, with so much on offer elsewhere in London, it’s refreshing to find such a unique venue and an exceptionally willing team that wants to cater for individual as well as group needs. Even your menu choices are flexible and are easily adjusted to accommodate dietary requirements and individual needs. All products are sourced from sustainable waters and British farms.

Recently recommended as a way to help prevent stress, colouring books for adults have had a positive impact, and it seems supremely appropriate that you can legitimately have a marvellous Harry Potter day out as a part of your continuing professional development.



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