Things to do in London during the lockdown

Accepting the feeling of loneliness during the lockdown may cause harm to your mental health. Fortunately, there are so many things that you can do and remain active during the lockdown period. Thanks to technology, you can keep in touch with friends despite the requirement of social distancing. While locked in your house, you can also play the Irish Lotto and enhance the chances of winning a jackpot. There are also multiple other things that you can do to have an enjoyable lockdown. Please keep reading to discover some of them.

Film watching

Apart from Netflix and Amazon prime, there are also multiple films that you can download and watch. For instance, Openculture has more than one thousand fantastic movies that you can download free and listen to. In the open category, you can also access many films by Kanopy.


Watch a documentary 

In case you want something intellectually engaging, then watching a documentary can motivate you. Thanks to specific sites, you can now access free documentaries online. Many categories, including revolutions, serial killers, sharks, and others, are available for free. The best sites to get free documentaries include Documentary Tube, Documentary Heaven, and others.


During the lockdown, you can also reactivate your creative skills by writing a novel or a play. Many successful and famous writers penned their works during challenging moments.

The lockdown offers you plenty of time to craft that novel you’ve been thinking about. Do you know that Shakespeare wrote King Lear while in isolation during the plague? Get inspiration from that great playwright and start penning down your grand opus. There are many of sites on the internet where you can get tips and tricks on how to start.

Physical exercise

While at home, you can also keep fit by exercising. You need to understand that staying healthy doesn’t necessarily require a gym. What is more, while exercising at home, you save lots of money that you can channel into other worthy projects. Simple but useful exercises to do at home include warm-ups, flexibility moves, and resistance exercises.

Tour ancient Rome

Although you’re cut off from the rest of the world, the good news is that you can have an online tour to ancient Rome. You can accomplish this feat thanks to sites like virtual tour of ancient Rome. Through these virtual realities, you can have a taste of the ancient civilization.

You can paint

In case you have idle brushes and paints, this is the right time to start using them. You can get inspiration from YouTube on how to carry out your painting tasks. In case you’re proficient in painting, you can monetize your skills and start earning during this time.

Do some gardening

If you have a garden at home, this is the best time to practice some cultivation. You can also do gardening through a window box or start cultivating an indoor plant.

Write a song

In case you’re passionate about music, this is the right time to dedicate your emotions into a song. Alternatively, in case you’re not proficient in songwriting, this is the right time to undertake an online course on song wring.

In conclusion, during the lockdown period, you don’t need to feel lonely as they’re many things you can undertake at your home. Some of them are listed and explained above.


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