Why London is the perfect autumnal getaway

When you think of an autumn city break, you’re probably torn between Paris, Vienna or Rome. The leaves turning golden brown, walking around armed with nothing but a coffee and a smile as the wind whips your hair into an elegant mess – admit it. That’s the fantasy. But let’s just stop you there. Have you, er, considered staying a little closer to home?

We could give you a million reasons to book an autumn break – and we bet there’s one location that you haven’t thought about. That’s right – good old London. Here’s why it’s the best place to enjoy a minibreak this autumn.


The Tube is so very warm

Need an excuse to get out of the bitter cold? Just take the Underground! Unlike travel during the summertime, which leaves everyone dehydrated and tetchy, Tube travel during the winter can be a very soothing affair as you’ll enjoy a brief respite from the bitter London weather, which can penetrate even the sturdiest coat.

Accommodation becomes cheaper

Predictably, Christmas kills the knock-down autumn prices, but while the weather’s turning and London is receiving a little (fine, fine, a lot) less sunshine, it’s possible to find absolute bargains, especially on places like AirBnB.


The Food Markets are brilliant

As Christmas gets ever-nearer, retailers in London up their game, and the plethora of food markets are no exception. For the perfect (yet crowded) Saturday, head to Borough Market near London Bridge for amazing seafood, sandwiches, fresh produce and brownies. The SouthBank Centre Market supports small and independent producers, carefully selected for their commitment to ethical, sustainable produce. Expect to find world-class meat, cheeses, fresh pasta, desserts and craft beers.

The Parks

Londoners are blessed with heaps of picturesque Royal Parks – lands that were previously owned by the monarchy. Now is the time to enjoy a Sunday lunch in a nearby pub and have an explore afterwards; just don’t forget your wellies and an umbrella.


The Pubs, Full Stop

Have you ever experienced the collective sigh of happiness when a large group of you and your friends exit the bitter cold, and enter a wonderfully-warm pub, replete with dog and collection of old men by the bar? London is awash with them; try The Royal Oak in Borough for a genuine taste of ‘old man pub’.


OK, fine – so we don’t do it like the Americans. Still, Londoners aren’t averse to a bit of fun on All Hallows’ Eve; Time Out has compiled a list of the best Halloween parties. The Kiss FM one looks particularly nightmarish. See you there?

Supper Clubs

Ignore the whiff of hipster – supper clubs are a great way of meeting new people and enjoying comfort foods without paying hideous restaurant prices. You can also BYOB (to be honest, this is expected) and lots of supper clubs combine activities, such as life drawing beforehand, so you can make an evening of it.


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