Back to the Future? Looking at the Swegway


Now that Back to Future Day is firmly in the past, fewer people will be asking about the self-lacing trainers and hover boards that we were promised. While 2015 might not be quite as dazzling in the technology department, some of the predictions made by the beloved comedy classic were a lot more accurate than you might have expected.

Take the hoverboard, for example. While we don’t yet have the floating skateboard seen in the movie, we are actually fairly close to real hover board technology. They just tend to go by different names, including the Segway, the mini-Segway, the balancing board and, most recently, the Swegway.


What exactly is a Swegway?

The Swegway is a nickname that was coined by the Youtube gaming group ‘the Side Men’ after they frequently used the gadgets in their videos. The gadget itself is a 2-wheel, self-balancing electric scooter.  Unlike larger Segways, it doesn’t have a handle but does give you a nifty way to travelling around. In effect, it’s a combination of skateboard and Segway.

So, what does this mean for travelling? We’ve seen many trends come and go; skateboards, scooters, roller skates, but the craze of the Swegway may be here to stay. Many people are already using them to zip along the street instead of walking, offering convenience, simplicity and a lot of fun!


Who Can Use Them?

Swegways aren’t toys and so aren’t so suitable for children. Anyone aged over 13 years of age is free to use the gadget with the appropriate protective gear. It’s important to exercise responsible behaviour when using technology like this.

So long as you abide by the rules and make sure you only use the Swegway where allowed (for example, footpaths rather than roads) you can quite happily zip along undisturbed. Imagine how much easier the morning commute would be; if you have a train or bus to catch, the Swegway can get you there with time to spare. Alternatively, you can cut the walk to work in half and get a little extra time in bed.

If you’re considering buying a Swegway, be sure to do your research and focus on quality. It may cost you a little more, but the product will last longer and perform better. For example, Swegways provided by Librance can currently only be used on private property, but they come with a two-year warranty and high-performing batter power, so you can get the most out of your product.

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