Best Art Galleries and Art Museums in Paris

Are you flying to Paris from Hong Kong in 2020? Then keep reading to find out more about the best art galleries and art museums in Paris!

While some may argue that Paris is outside the realm of artistic versatility and inventiveness, it is still a place where art is highly respected and where new talents are highly sought after. As a result, the best museums in the French capital seek to preserve and showcase the artistic heritage and expose the public to fascinating contemporary work. Featuring some of the world’s finest works of art, sculpture, film, photography and other media, these Paris art museums have accessibility and a historical significance. The inspiring works of Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Auguste Rodin and Henri Matisse who are some of the masterly artists of Paris embellish these art museums.


The Louvre

The Louvre Museum is the largest art museum in the world located in French capital, Paris. This is a historic monument and the central landmark of Paris. It becomes the world’s mostly visited museum by receiving 9.6 millions of visitors annually. Originally the Louvre Museum was nestled in Louvre Palace. Ruins of its fortress are still found in the museum’s basement floor. Egyptian antiquities, Near Eastern antiquities, Islamic art, Greek Roman Etruscan sculpture, decorative arts, paintings and drawings are only a handful of the richest exhibits displayed over the Louvre. It is huge so I would recommend spending at least a couple of days if you really want to explore everything. As soon as you say Paris, we would immediately picture a painting in a room, then a smile, the famous Mona Lisa which is not so hard to find as the mostly crowded spot. Visitors also flock around the ancient Greek sculptures Venus de Milo and Winged Victory. Similarly, the architecture of the building is alluring with French classical style.

The Centre Pompidou

The Pompidou Centre is a complex building atop the Beaubourg area in Paris. It not only houses Europe’s largest modern art museum but also Public Information library and IRCAM a center for music and acoustic research as well. Its visitors’ accessibility has been increased up to 3.6 million by the present. The massive building consists of 3 underground floors with 7 above-ground floors designed according to the style of high-tech architecture. The brilliant talents of the architects have been shown by arranging a maximum interior space by imposing its mechanical system with bright colored tubes as an inside-out construction. You will feel interesting to identify the colors of pipes for electricity lines, air-conditioning ducts and water pipes. Centre Pompidou exhibits collections including sculpture, drawing, photography, cinema, new media and many more. Cubism, Dadaism, Fauvism, Expressionism and Surrealism are the main themes of which artworks of Centre Pompidou are composed of. Moreover, temporary exhibitions are held on the 6th floor. Upper floors provide you some sweeping views of the city.

Musee National Rodin

This museum was primarily opened for the artworks of the French sculptor, Auguste Rodin. The Hotel the Biron and the Villa des Brillants, old home of Rodin are the two sites of which Rodin museum comprised an annual crowd of 700,000. Musee Rodin is a house for 8000 drawings, 8000 old photographs and 7000 objets d’art. But more than half of them are Rodin’s works. Man with a broken nose, The Thinker and The Hellgate are some brilliant sculptures of Rodin. It is worth seeing the marble and stone statues. Straying in the museum garden is wonderful as it is so cool to capture pictures with Eiffel Tower in the background of several views from the garden.

Musée de l’Orangerie.

It is an art museum of Impressionist and Post-impressionist paintings situated near the Place de la Concorde in Paris. Cloude Monet’s eight large water Lilies murals is a popular item among paintings which is a masterpiece of modern art. You are able to sit and watch the spectacular galleries. Yet you will feel the paintings lively. The absolutely stunning paintings that cover the entire walls cannot be described in words. A quite small museum but the collections are enormous with Pomme et biscuits of Paul Cezanne, Grande Nature Morte of Pablo Picasso, Jeunes Filles au Piano of August Renoir and many more.

Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain

This is a contemporary museum simply called as Fondation Cartier. This houses more than 1500 works by over 350 contemporary and international artists. Caterpillar by Wim Delvoye, Backyard by Liza Lou and The Monument to Language by James Lee are few of the tons of monumental works displayed in this museum. The exhibition of trees is eye-opening and consists of valuable species like threatened and vulnerable. The current exhibits of young European artists are eclectic and intriguing. The building designed by architect Nouvel is exquisite together with the woodland garden.

The Perrotin

This is another contemporary art museum laid in two floors in Paris Marais district which is a design of Andre Fu. It was discovered in 1990 which focuses mainly on modern works by French and Asian artists. The exhibitions are always fascinating with renowned artists such as Daniel Arsham or Takashi Murakami and have a stylish and interesting backdrop. There are six galleries with artworks belonging to over 50 artists. If you are an art lover, this is a great opportunity to discover the creations of International artists. The place is not very big but greatly arranged, acquiring the maximum use of interior space.

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