Discover Briggs & Riley for Suitcases That Last a Lifetime


Luggage is one of those things where you can spend very little, or make a big investment. While some people go in for the expensive high end luggage simply because they love the way it looks, for others it is about value for money too – if you buy cheap luggage you are likely to need to keep buying suitcases over and over throughout your life, whereas precision made, carefully designed luxury luggage could theoretically last you a lifetime.

Briggs & Riley is a top end luggage company who really understand this reasoning, and so rather than just leaving their customers to assume their luggage will last for decades based on the price tag, they actually back up the quality of their products with a lifetime warranty. Essentially, this means that once you’ve purchased your Briggs & Riley suitcases, they are the only ones you’ll ever need to own.


How Does The Briggs & Riley Lifetime Warranty Work?

When you buy any Briggs and Riley case, you are able to register your purchase with Briggs & Riley themselves in order to activate your lifetime warranty. This option is available with all of their cases, no matter who you buy them from, if you buy them new. This means even if you take advantage of the kind of discounts you can find on good online luggage retail websites, you will still be eligible for the warranty.

What Does It Cover?

The Briggs and Riley lifetime warranty is one of the most comprehensive warranties there is, and will cover damage to your suitcase even if it was caused by the airline when you travelled. This means any part of your suitcase, should it need repair, will be fixed free of charge by the company at any point in your lifetime! If you are a regular traveller, this is perfect, because you’ll always have luggage that looks good, closes and locks securely, and is in full working order, without ever having to fork out for new cases again!


How Do You Get Your Case Repaired?

If you need to use the warranty because your case has been damaged, you just need to send it off to Briggs and Riley who will fix it promptly and send it back. Another great thing about the warranty is that if you just have some minor damage and don’t want to send your case away, you can at any time ask Briggs and Riley for a maintenance kit to repair your case yourself. This is free, and you’ll just be asked to pay for the shipping and handling. This can allow you to carefully fix basic damage or wear and tear on your case without the inconvenience of being without it while it goes off to the specialists at Briggs and Riley to be mended.

Briggs & Riley’s lifetime warranty makes these beautifully made suitcases represent amazing value for money, so it is well worth investing in their luggage.

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