Embarking on a New Journey: 7 Items You Should Never Forget to Take with You on a Family Camping Trip

Are you heading out into nature with your kids in tow?

There are a few things some families love to do more than take a camping trip. For kids, it can be a fantastic way to experience hands-on time in nature. Camping gives you an opportunity to bond with each other, but it can also be a major challenge if you are not well prepared.

If you are planning a camping trip with your family, take a look at this list. There are some things you can do without, and there are some things you would never think of packing but when you do, you thank yourself for it!

Before we get started, there are three bases that you should cover while camping:

–      Keep them dry

–      Keep them well-fed

–      Keep them happy (read: busy)

The following seven things will help you keep those bases covered:


  1.   Extra Blankets or Sleeping Bags

Always be prepared for the cold. Even if you are camping in summer, just have a spare sleeping bag or blanket just in case mother nature decides to let the cold in for a night or two. Keep your family safe and dry in a quality tent that won’t let in the cold or the rain. While camping on the ground is fun, having a tented ‘bedroom’ like Roofnest.com on the roof of your car is super handy.

  1.   First Aid Kit

This should be a no-brainer when heading out off the beaten track and into nature, kids or no kids. Pack in a few extra bandages and a pair of tweezers (super helpful for removing ticks and thorns).

  1.   Bug Repellent

And not just one! Pack at least two- one as a backup if the first is misplaced. In fact, pack a bug repellent for each tent. If you do not want to use a chemical spray, there are plenty of natural options. Granted, some work better than others.

  1.   Extra Clothes and Underwear

Camping in nature is fun, but if you are a parent then you also know just how dirty or even wet your kids are going to get. You want to be prepared, and if your kids get wet you should have dry clothes for them to change into.

  1.   Bikes

Even if you are camping in a place that does not have a trail, you will still find it handy to have bikes for your kids (and the parents too!). Your kids can ride around the campground on a lazy afternoon or on a morning when you just want to rest a little bit longer. Also, bikes can be incredibly handy if you are staying in a large campground.

  1.   Extra Activities

Pack in as many extra activities for your kids as possible. Be careful to pack something for each child, something you know that they enjoy. They don’t all have to be group games or activities, you can pack in paper and pencils or crayons, a couple of books or comic books or even some activity books.

  1.   Flip Flops

Shower time can be pretty gross if you need to go inside the communal showers with bare feet. You can pack in two pairs per person if you want- one for showers and one pair for general use around the campsite.

There are many things that can be added to this list, but experience has taught that the above items are definitely a must!

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