Five reasons to visit Portugal

If you don’t know much about Portugal then you’ve obviously never been. Portugal is not simply a bit of land that is stuck at the side of Spain, it is a beautiful and cultural country in its own right, and there are countless reasons to visit it and explore a little further.

Beautiful weather, history, culture, architecture, sport, food, and shopping are just a few but there is much more to it than that, something which sets it apart.

Here’s five reasons why I believe you should be heading to Portugal.


Winter sun 

No matter what the month, Portugal is a holiday hotspot. Sure, if you want searing temperatures during the typical winter months then you’re not going to find them here, but you will find modest and mild temperatures, enough to be able to sit out in and get a suntan anyway. In summer, well, heat is a definite, and that tan is yours to enjoy. Beach resorts sit happily next to city landscapes, making it easy to get around and explore a little.

Cheap, cheap, cheap

Obviously Portugal is part of the Euro zone, but it has remained a cheap country to visit and enjoy. You’ll find endless cheap flights no matter what the time of year, with the winter months being a little cheaper. Eating and drinking here isn’t that expensive compared to its neighbour, Spain, and the other European summer hot-spot countries.

The Algarve 

Everyone has heard of The Algarve, a coastal region which is rich in natural beauty, and has a real exclusive feel to it, without taking the same amount of money to visit it. If you love golfing then this region is certainly for you, and if you like kicking back and relaxing in stunning surroundings, then this is also your destination of choice.


History at every turn

There have been many political struggles in Portugal’s history, and a constant battle to be recognised as a separate entity in its own right too. Portuguese history is rich in quantity and is seen on every corner. There are plentiful churches, and examples of beautiful architecture, perfect for those into culture and traditions. On top of this, the land is enough to blow your mind, formed millions of years ago from volcanic activity, which really adds to its stunning blend.

Fresh air

Sat right on the coast, jutting into the ocean, you can easily fill your lungs with fresh sea air, and check out the beautiful scenery around you. There are few places in the world which are commercial yet still allow you to appreciate the peace and serenity of your surroundings, but Portugal certainly allows you to do this.

There are countless other reasons why you should visit Portugal, not least the fact that it’s a great choice for a sunshine holiday. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that you should see it for yourself in order to decide – one visit will probably never be enough!


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