Harry Potter Locations: Road Trip Guide

As a self proclaimed Harry Potter aficionado, I have always been into anything Harry Potter related, may it be memorabilia’s, books, blu ray copies, amusement parks, you name it I got it or have been there! As the Harry Potter fever has slowed down a bit I sometimes wonder is there anything else I haven’t done? As I was browsing the net, I have recently stumbled infographics released by Tyre City  with the hashtag #RoadTripsFromFilm with each one discussing one’s favourite tv program or film and ways to go there by driving, and there is a Harry Potter Road Trips Guide in the UK and I thought, EUREKA let’s do this!


The First stop. Kings Cross Station, London UK

Yes, I am from London and I’ll be lying if I say I haven’t been here but I don’t mind going back here again and again! The infamous platform 9 and 3/4, this location appeared at the very first Harry Potter Movie, the Philosopher’s stone, wherein all Hogwarts students needs to go through the wall with to get to the Hogwarts Express.

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Second, London Zoo, London UK

Again, near to my home, and close to King’s Cross Station, and I also have been here but AGAIN I don’t mind revisiting this iconic place from Harry Potter with one of the most memorable scene. The time where Harry first realize he can is a Parselmouth and can speak Parseltongue which is the language of serpents. Of course, I also love the part where the glass from the snake aquarium disappeared when Dudley (Harry’s Cousin) started to mock the snake and he fell inside and got trapped, still makes me laugh to this day!

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Third stop, New College Cloisters, Oxford UK

Usually it will take you an hour drive from London Zoo to New College Cloisters but all worth of course, especially for me! This is the location where the Iconic Scene in the 4th Movie, The Goblet of Fire happened. The time where Professor Moody, changed Draco Malfoy into a ferret and just let him fly into the air for sometime just because Draco dared to cast a spell at Harry but Professor Moody got to him first!

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The Fourth destination, Lacock Abbey Lacock Wiltshire UK

From Oxford, your drive here will take about an hour or so too, but just enjoy it, it’s a road trip after all!  This destination served as Hogwart’s interior in most of the films. Just look at its corridors, that’s where all they are inspired/filmed.

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Last but definitely not the least, The Gloucester Cathedral Gloucester UK

The home of the Original Gryffindor Common Room Door, how can we forget right? (ehem, Password?) Lots of amazing scenes happened in the common room, the Christmas presents opening ( The invisibility cloak), the opening of Tom Riddles’s Diary as well as when Ginny tried to burn it there. Sirius Black fire calls Harry during the Order of the Phoenix , as well as when Ron had his first kiss with his then girlfriend Lavender Brown. Oh and I almost forgot, the troll scene in the Philosopher’s Stone, wherein Hermione was almost got caught by the Troll in the bathroom.

If you wan to look at the entire infographic, you can see it below, have you ever been t o any of this places? Let me know in the comments section below:

Road Trips - Harry Potter

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