How to avoid common MOT fails?

If you have failed your MOT I know you have minor faults to blame. Minor faults that can easily be avoided with some car maintenance that can be done in your garage. Here are some easy fix tips that Ring Automotive, specialists in bulbs, wipers, battery care and tyre care, gave ensure an MOT fail is avoided.

Lights and signalling – 17.8% failure rate

Did you know that 4.5m cars to fail their MOT because of problems with their lamps, reflectors and electrics. A quick bulb check before you take the vehicle to the garage can help you avoid an MOT fail. Check all the exterior bulbs in your car, including the side light, indicator, tail light and number plate lights. Also remember that the registration plate lamp being out accounts for 4.5% of MOT fails.

When it comes to headlamps, there are many options available, including little upgrades to improve the bulb product life or increase the amount of light emitted onto the road for safer driving. It is recommended that you always replace bulbs in pairs, to make sure that the light output is equal from both headlights, you try the new Xenon150 bulbs (nationwide – SSP £39.99), which put up to 150% more light on road without compromising on life.


Tyre condition – 7.5% failure rate

For safety driving and for you to avoid failing your MOT, it is essential to have your tyres maintained properly. Did you know that the legal requirement for tyre tread on passenger vehicles up to eight seats is 1.6mm, but studies show that when the tread drops below 3mm, stopping distance begins to be significantly affected.

How do you check your tyre tread? It’s very easy and it involves using a simple depth gauge. But to be sure that your tyres are both safe and helping cut down fuel consumption, drivers need to also check the pressure of the tyres. If you want a digital gauge that gives accurate readings on a large backlit screen, records the correct pressure and has an integrated LED light, you can try the RTG7 Programmable Digital Tyre Pressure & Tread Depth Gauge (available nationwide, SSP £24.99.), this is easy to store in the car and easy to use, wherever you are.

Even if there is no legal requirement for tyre pressure, tyres that are under or over-inflated will cause is dangerous and it makes driving less safe whilst also decreasing your fuel efficiency. If you want easy pressure top ups, try the Ring RAC635 Digital Car Tyre Inflator, that has a pre-set for accurate inflation. This industry-recognised inflator can inflate a 13” tyre from flat to 35PSI in under 3 minutes – making tops up quick and simple.

Driver’s view of the road – 6.8% failure rate

Cracks on your Windscreen and old and worn out wipers are one of the major causes for vehicles to fail an MOT. Always remember that wipers deteriorate gradually and often don’t we do not  realise that they are no longer clearing the windscreen effectively. Ring’s new range of Ultravision Wiper Blades (SSP £9.99 to £13.99) make blade selection easy if you think that choosing and fitting the right blade is tricky. The unique, patent-pending clip fits 95% of the car parc, which means that drivers just need to know the blade length of their car in order to select the correct blade and the clip adapts to fit the seven most common wiper arms.

“Motorists could be making savings by carrying out basic checks and maintenance at home, but often they don’t realise that these minor faults could cause an MOT fail. What’s more, having well-maintained tyres, blades and lighting are driving safety essentials, so making sure they are regularly checked and replaced when necessary is critical.” – Ring Automotive’s Marketing Manager, Henry Bisson, says.

What do you think of these tips? I hope it can help you on your next MOT check.


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