Innovations in the travel food industry

Many of us who travels knows that when we get to our flight we might’ve things that we either missed or forgot. Things that we are excited to use or try but one thing hasn’t changed in your mind when it comes to travelling – the food.

Usually we take plane, train or even cruise foods lightly, well who can blame us, I’ve had a share of tasting really not so good on board food. But since we are evolving in terms of technology and usually travel is affected by this evolution, we now try to see how the food that we have by land, sea, and sky, changed today.


By land: railway food

When it comes to train food, you must be thinking of the trolly moving from end to end that has a selection of over priced teas, biscuits, snacks and sometimes if you are in the first class, they might be serving a sandwich. And that is if you’re lucky (or unlucky, depending on your how you think of it), as many services have axed their on-board trolley services.

Many says that it was a lack of sustainability as the reason behind the decision to remove the trolly service on their trains. The train station must’ve finally realized that people nowadays are more eager to pack their own food or buy a take out  as train stations are now filled to the brim with all kinds of outlets, and it’s not just Burger King and WHSmith on offer now, not only they get to eat what they want but they also save tons of money at that.

Now for the first-class, you’ll be treated to a complimentary menu most days, but as the Telegraph posits, the array of food often doesn’t come to much, so when you think of it, and consider the price difference between a standard and a first-class ticket, you’re technically just paying for the food you’re eating and then some more other things.

Of course some of us won’t have it, we don’t like the feeling of being ripped off, so the Tab’s Annie Lord tried to make a profit from her £49.00 first-class ticket via eating and drinking the complementary food. She got two hot drinks, six gin and tonics, one apple juice, one Pepsi, one cake, one bag of nuts, a bag of crisps, a piece of fruit, a salad, and a few snacks later, at the end of the day, Annie made a profit of £5.65!

By sea: ferry food

Let’s admit it, people prefer travelling by air compared than travelling by sea, so that’s why we hear so little in the about the sea-based cuisines. Also, you tend to find a good array of restaurants and food services on a ferry, you have the freedom to select what you want to eat, depending on your budget.  The quality isn’t that of an issue as the price, with many people now urging to taking your own food with you in order to avoid the ever-present expense of travel-based food.

By sky: airline food

Finally, the infamous airplane food! May it be about the questionable meat floating in a generic gravy that you need to remove with the disposable cutlery provided.

Since technology brought us closer together, hence video chatting and more, why can’t the airlines provide, smoking hot food while in the air? It’s not impossible right? Or is it?

Well, to be fair, imagine making thousand of meal in a very small space, it must be very challenging.  According to The Guardian, the largest independent airline food provider makes a whopping 685,000 meals every day, now that gives a whole new meaning to the words ‘fast food’.

Serving pomegranate-glazed lamb or chilled prawns with an aioli tarragon sauce is not impossible to be served in an airline, in fact, back in the 1950s, before the dawn of flight classes, meals were super flashy, you can see, charcuteries featuring in the aisles of the then-smaller planes.

But of course, it then occurred to airline businesses that they could split flight classes and offer this amazing option to the first class flyers, and less-expensive food (or none at all) to the economy class. To be honest, airlines sous-vide food, it’s a cooking process allowing for food to be vacuum-sealed and slow-cooked to keep it tasty even when cooked in the air, but only in the first class seats so don’t expect it for an economy class plate.

Now, how do they sell this? Easy, the huge difference between the economy class food and first class is designed to encourage people to want to pay more and to upgrade their seats. Now if you are a frequent flyer, you can use your points to spend on seat upgrades (who wouldn’t want to try a fancy airplane meal huh?) rather than using it for a free ticket, but as Business Insider notes, a flight costs an airline more than fancy food does. Just a thing to remember for next time.


Now you see, airline food really isn’t bad. You just need to pay a lot more to get a ticket for a spacious seat and a fancier meal and a larger glass of cola.


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