My first Pub experience

I always love mingling with friends however we always do catch ups via restaurants or sometimes via coffee. Over the weekend my friend suddenly have an idea of trying to go in a pub so that we get a new atmosphere and she told me that it will be an awesome experience. So we searched for the best Bars and Pubs near me and then we are off to our destination.

I always thought that it will be smoky with lots of drunk people (that’s just my opinion) but I was really wrong! It has a different vibe from a restaurant and the people seems very friendly. Good thing we are able to get to the Pub before it was full and we have secured a table for us. There are also musicians playing in a mini stage and I must say the food is amazing, perfect menu for its very cozy vibe.


My friend ordered beer and I also ordered the same. Beer is different wines and I prefer wines and I remember the time where we head to the Naked Winery wine club, it was an awesome experience that you must try with your closest friends.  But hey a very cols glass of beer and a plate of barbecue is a great combination and a great way to start the weekend right! I have met lots of locals and we have talked everything under the sun. I have learn more about things, and one of them is about meditation, which I think is really important and one of the best way to de-stress. There is also a so-called open mic night before the dance party started and I have to get all my courage just to be able to not stutter while singing in the middle of the pub. As the night deepens, its dance party time, people started to jam with the music and started dancing. It was really fun to just let loose and dance the night away. I have met more people while dancing and to my surprise only a few of them seemed drunk, and most of them are just there to unwind and leave the stress of the work week behind and start the weekend right.

I really had an amazing time and I never regret trying to go in a pub! We will definitely include Pub nights with some of our catch up dates. Do you have any pub experience? Let me know in the comments section below.

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