Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Top Trends for 2019

Quick Service Restaurant are at a rise in 2018 and it certainly will continue to rise this 2019. Compared to how people consume and look at food that they are eating before, lots of characteristics and preferences are now being considered by QSR’s in order to meet with the demand and not to be overcome by competitors. I have listed here the top QSR trends this 2019:


As an ever increasing number of individuals put in hours daily on the web, innovation is turning into an absolute necessity have for easygoing and QSR eateries. Most QSR now have their own mobile apps where you can order and pay without having to go out and wait in line. Also a fast customer support response also helps in making the customer service feel much better and that makes the customer to go back and order again in the future.


Fast ordering service

Having fast service is really a check for me. I may have lined up for my order but when I have to just wait for my order to get punched in the counter and easy payment in a minute or two,I wouldn’t mind at all and that’ll make me go back there since I know the service is fats and I will never be late for work. For QSR owners, make sure you have the proper tools, Merchant Account, offers cash registers that are fast, efficient and can accept lots of different payment options, the Booker clover MINI that allows you to quickly process payments, or have access to a wide range of payment processing solutions and for the latest one, you can try the New clover station, that accept EMV chip cards, cashless payments and even fingerprint scanning.

Fresh, Authentic and Healthy menu

Yes, you heard it right, people are now looking for the best of the best when it comes to food and the fact that most  do not care about the price adds to how amazing this is. Most of the customers now prefer having a quick fresh and yummy food or a yummy but healthy food (for weight watchers) so if you haven’t got any of these, better have a quick menu revamp and add one of these option.

Delivery Service

Shopping online is really a huge trend nowadays since everyone is really busy. Shoes, clothes and even groceries are now available for deliveries, so  why not have your restaurant do it as well? In this busy age, convenience is the number one priority that attracts customers the most.

Digital Advertisements

Everyone is online and almost all of us have social medias. Having digital advertisements helps in promoting your brand not just to your loyal customer but also in order to attracts future customers as well. You can create a Facebook, Twitter or even an instagram account and be creative in making your advertisement statements.

In spite of the fact that few out of every odd pattern applies to each restaurant, what matters is improving the customer’s experience. The accessibility of getting your cheap food conveyed hot and new to your front entryway. Clients will go where the experience is ideal, and they don’t expect anything less from their most loved QSR and easygoing feasting brands.

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