The Wonders of the Beach: 5 Things to Do in Carlsbad

The sandy shores of California are a wonderful vacation destination nearly any time of the year. The waters remain warm and the area near the beaches offer many different activities for the entire family to enjoy.

If you are planning a trip to the California shore, be sure to check out the Carlsbad visitor center for the most up-to-date information about all things California.

Below is only 5 of the many things to do in Carlsbad.

  1. South Carlsbad State Beach

This is one of the pristine beaches in the area. The white sandy coastline is protected and offers many unique and fun activities for the entire family. The constantly warm waters make it a favorite place for all water sports including snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, swimming and fishing.

High above the beach is the perfect camping area with easy access to the shoreline below. There are over 220 spaces for traditional tent camping or RV hookups.


  1. Carlsbad Village

This is not your ordinary shopping experience with unique shops and delicious places to dine, although it has these places and more. The Carlsbad Village boasts over 100 shops and vendors to explore and find the perfect outfit, gizmo or nicknack your life has been missing.

One of the main attractions of this shopping area is the second-hand stores and thrift shops. These one-of-a-kind stores offer things from the not-too-distant-past and the long ago forgotten eras. From cool clothing to retro small appliances, there is a treasure to be found among the gently used.

  1. Carlsbad Ranch Flower Fields

If you are planning a trip to Carlsbad between March and the middle of May, you will want to visit the flower fields at Carlsbad Ranch. This is the time of year when the over 50 acres of flora will be in full bloom.

The fields of natural color and beauty are open to the public seven days a week. There are several informative tours and a small greenhouse and nursery alongside a gift shop. There are also several festivals throughout the year to celebrate different types of flowers.

  1. Carlsbad Lagoon

The Carlsbad Lagoon contains all things water sports. The center has trained staff that will teach you how to participate in nearly every type of water sport. There is paddle boarding, both standing and non-standing, kayaks, wave runners, and canoes.

This water sports center also offers boat rentals as well as special events like children’s summer camps. The camps allow children to learn water sports and safety when swimming and participating in various water activities.

  1. Legoland

This childhood construction block themed park has something for everyone in the family. There are interactive attractions, shows and instructional mini conference for ages two to 12,  and over 60 rides for the entire family.

Legoland also has a water park where kids can enjoy a large wave pool, build a raft or build a boat activities in and out of the water.

Think of planning your next family getaway in the Carlsbad Beach area. It is fun and exciting for the entire family.

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