Top Three Misconceptions About Cruises

Cruises are a fantastic alternative to more traditional holidays, but there are still a lot of myths putting people off. Here are the top three misconceptions I’m setting you straight on:


  1. It will be boring and I’ll feel too confined

There was a time when cruises seemed to be the preserve of the older person, but all that has changed with cruises offering far more than they have ever done previously. From spa facilities and gymnasiums, to golf courses and movie theatres, there will always be something for everyone. Just make sure you check out the full list of services before booking, not to mention the ship’s itinerary. There are always tonnes of guided tours and activities co-ordinated by your provider when the boat docks. After touring an ancient city or simply soaking up the local culinary culture, you’ll probably love nothing more than relaxing on deck.

In terms of the feeling of confinement that is so often associated with cruises, this is far from true. These days, the architecture and overall design of the modern ships have been created in order to enhance the spaciousness of every part of the ship. Everything is built to maximise the use of the space, and make the holiday-maker feel right at home.


  1. The seasickness will ruin my holiday

This is a major concern for most people considering a cruise, but for those who suffer from motion sickness, never fear! For those who worry about spending most of their time with their head down the toilet, few travellers suffer from it. For one thing, cruise ships have been designed with stabilisers so that the side-to-side motion that occurs with ferries and fishing boats doesn’t occur. Plus, most cruise liners travel in calmer waters anyway, so you’ll barely notice you’re moving most of the time.

If it does still worry you though, there are plenty of things you can do to help reduce seasickness. Choose a cabin in the middle of the ship where the motion will be felt least, or consult your local pharmacist before leaving on the best kind of preventative medication you can take with you.


  1. They’re far too expensive

Cruises are mostly all-inclusive, so when you take into account the fact that it covers food and drink, accommodation, trips and excursions ashore, plus all of the entertainment facilities aboard, it’s sometimes more cost-effective than a regular holiday, where all-inclusive often means refers to only certain kinds of food and drink with your room.

Plus, just like every other kind of holiday, there are tonnes of deals available if you shop around and look at the best times of year to go. Planet Cruise is one such website that does some great last minute cruise deals, so don’t be afraid to check them out.


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