Waiakea Water: Maintaining The Right pH Levels Through Natural Purification Processes

Bottled water is becoming one of the more opted for choices for those who want to wary in the kind of water that they drink. While tap water may have been the norm for most people for a very long time, the fact is that tap water is getting polluted by the day. The various contaminants that exist can cause harm to one’s health, mainly if a larger amount of impurities exist in the water. Bottled water is the safer route to go when trying to find a good alternative to tap water, but even that does come with its own set of precautions that need to be taken.


Not all bottled water that is produced is keeping in mind the needs that its consumers have. The pH level, for example, is something that needs to be carefully considered when trying to buy bottled water that will be beneficial for you and your body. The pH scale works in a manner that ranges from acidic to alkaline. It is common knowledge that something that is too acidic is bad for your body, which is why a healthy balance must be maintained. When it comes to bottled water, the ideal pH balance that must be maintained should ideally be seven. However, most bottled waters on the market don’t meet that norm and often fall short of what they actually should be. Regular brands of water tend to range from four to six, ending up slightly shorter than regular products on the market. Carbonated drinks, for example, are known to have an incredibly low pH level. This level generally ranges from two to three, which is also the same amount as vinegar. This makes it incredibly harmful for the body if the levels are not adequately maintained.

One kind of bottled water that is known for maintaining the right level is Waiakea Water ph. The brand is known for actually taking the additional steps to ensure the quality of the bottled water that they are selling to their customers and the kind of products that are hitting the shelves. The water is generally produced in a manner which helps the environment, and which causes as less harm as possible to the ecosystems. While companies are continually looking for ways in which they can maximize their profits, Waiakea Water is a company that is continually looking for a way in which they can improve themselves and the work that they do. When it comes to the Waiakea Water ph, the 7.5 on the scale is evidence enough to showcase how good this bottled water is for you


The decision to build Waiakea Water was taken by Ryan Emmons after experiencing what it was like to drink water from some of the purest sources in the entire world. The idea came to Ryan after he would regularly drink from a volcanic spring that was close to the place that he lived in. This natural purification process gave the water its distinct natural flavor, and also had the added advantage of added nutrients and minerals. By using the natural process of filtration over mechanical methods, the company has genuinely managed to set itself apart from the other players in the field.

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