What exactly is an all-inclusive holiday?

Stupid question, or something many of you wonder?

Well, you wouldn’t be alone if you’re not sure exactly what makes up an all-inclusive break, and that is because the content of such a holiday actually varies from place to place.

There’s no denying that an all-inclusive holiday is the ideal way to save money if you’re travelling as a family, and for those who simply want to sit back and relax, without having to worry about the mounting cost of food and drinks whilst away.

So, what is an all-inclusive holiday?


If you are booking a hotel with an all-inclusive package then basically that means you are entitled to breakfast, lunch, and dinner as part of your holiday cost, and usually snacks throughout the day, such as cake at dedicated times. Ice creams aren’t always included in the cost, so this is something you will need to ask before booking, but if they aren’t included then you can buy them for a low cost from the on-site supermarket usually.

As for drinks, well, alcoholic drinks are somewhat of a grey area, but the bottom line is that local beer, wine, and local spirits are usually included in the all-inclusive package, meaning you can drink yourself into a stupor if you so wish; export drinks are often at an extra cost. Some hotels have serving start and finish times, however again, this varies from place to place. As for soft drinks and water, again, unlimited. This is great news for those travelling with children, as the cost of soft drinks from bars and restaurants can be high, and you don’t want to be limiting your little ones to hydration when the sun is beating down.

As you can see, an all-inclusive holiday therefore takes away the stress of having to think about where to go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as the cost of it. On top of this, you don’t have to cook either, which is always a bonus!

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Now, we can’t deny that all-inclusive hotels cost a little more at the booking stage, but there are deals out there if you look hard enough. Falcon Holidays offer some great bargains on all-inclusive breaks, and their handy all-inclusive holiday cost calculator helps you tailor-make your holiday to your actual needs, instead of paying out too much for a hotel when you’re not going to use half of the facilities. The range of destinations on offer is great, and there are even forthcoming plans to travel in total comfort to far-flung destinations, thanks to a partnership with Thomson Airways, heading non-stop from Dublin Airport to Jamaica and Mexico.

All-inclusive hotels are often huge, almost like holiday resorts in their own right, and provided you head out and see some of the destination you’re visiting from time to time, you’re truly getting the best of both worlds during your holiday. A few days around the pool can be broken up by an evening walk around the town, or a few excursions out to local areas of interest – your hotel will no doubt have an excursion desk to help you with this.

So, are you persuaded to go all-inclusive on your next break?

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