Well, hello there! My name’s Michael, but my mates call me ‘Big Ben’ – not because of any impressive physical attributes, mind you, but merely because I’m always late and I’ve been chiming on about London since the day I was born. Born and bred right in the heart of London, I’ve been navigating these rainy streets longer than I’d care to admit. Tea runs through my veins, and I’ve probably spent enough on fish and chips to buy a small castle.

Now, some might say London is just another city, with its grey skies and never-ending queues. But to me, it’s home, a place teeming with stories, both old and new. From the hallowed halls of the British Museum to that dodgy chippy down the road that I swear makes the best chips in all of England, I’ve seen it all.

What’s this blog about, you ask? Well, it’s my little corner of the web where I spill the (tea) beans about the city’s hidden gems and age-old secrets. Here, you’ll find not just the typical touristy recommendations but a true Londoner’s take on what makes this city so jolly good. And maybe, just maybe, a sprinkle of gossip I’ve overheard on the Tube.

If you’re looking for a polished, professional guide – you’re in the wrong place! But if you fancy a down-to-earth, cheeky guide filled with wit, sarcasm, and a genuine love for London, then stick around. After all, who needs another photo of the Tower Bridge when you can learn about that haunted pub where old Henry still owes me a pint?

So, put the kettle on, grab a biscuit, and dive into my tales of London. I promise to keep things entertaining, a bit daft, and thoroughly British.

Cheers to adventures in London, and remember, always stand on the right side of the escalator. 😉

Tally ho! 🇬🇧🎡🌂

  • Michael aka ‘Big Ben’