Trooping the Colour

Trooping the Colour: The Majesty and Tradition Behind the Queen’s Dual Celebrations


Ever since I can remember, the Queen’s unique way of celebrating her birthday has been a source of envy for me. Can you imagine having not one, but two birthdays in a single year? One is her natural day of birth, akin to the way we all mark our yearly milestones. The other, an official birthday, is set for a more predictable time when the unpredictable British weather is less likely to dampen the spirits of grand outdoor celebrations like those at garden parties. Oh, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she unwraps two sets of gifts, each time. The cherry on top? Her official birthday is invariably fixed for a Saturday, ensuring a weekend of merriment. Now, that’s the royal treatment!

The splendid Trooping the Colour, a tradition spanning many generations, marks her official birthday. This year, it is scheduled for June 14th and promises to be an extraordinary affair. The Household Division, an elite unit that serves as the Queen’s personal guard, is set to lead the parade. Picture this: 200 majestic horses, over a thousand gallant soldiers in full regalia, all lining up in ceremonial precision, waiting for the monarch’s inspection. After the detailed review, the procession moves towards Buckingham Palace. Here, from its historic balconies, the Queen and her entourage enjoy a breathtaking fly-past by the RAF.

So, what exactly is “Trooping the Colour?” This tradition has its origins in military strategy. Historically, “trooping” the regimental colours ensured that soldiers could easily identify and rally around their unit’s standard during the chaos of battle. Fast forward to our technologically advanced times, and our soldiers are equipped with GPS, radios, and other gadgets, rendering this practice obsolete from a tactical standpoint. However, some rituals are too cherished to fade away. Today, Trooping the Colour stands as a proud testament to Britain’s rich heritage and is a spectacular ceremonial display—a domain where the English unquestionably excel.

Kettle Drummer from the Household Cavalry During Trooping the Colour

Now, if you’re hoping to be amidst the esteemed gathering at Horse Guards Parade, and haven’t secured a ticket yet, it might be a tad late. Those tickets are as sought after as golden Willy Wonka tickets! But not to fret. An equally impressive vantage point is The Mall. It provides a fantastic view of the ceremony, and you can absorb the atmosphere and the reverberations of history being enacted.

If you’re a real enthusiast and keen on behind-the-scenes experiences, consider attending the rehearsals. They’re nothing short of spectacular themselves. A week prior to the Trooping, on June 7th, there’s the Colonel’s Review. Delve a bit further back, on May 31st, and you can witness the Major General’s Review. Both are mesmerizing spectacles that give you a glimpse into the rigorous preparations and the unmatched precision of the ceremonies.

In essence, these ceremonies and traditions underscore the essence of British regality, history, and the nation’s penchant for upholding customs. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, witnessing these events is a rendezvous with history, pageantry, and an undying legacy. The Queen’s two birthdays are not just dates on a calendar; they represent the continuity of traditions, the pride of a nation, and indeed, a reason for many, like me, to look on with a touch of envy and a whole lot of admiration.

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